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Company history:

Until 1979:

Herbert Müller engineering office; office for planning and management of all construction projects

Since January 1979:

Müller Bau GmbH; extension of the engineering office for the turnkey construction sector

Since November 1979:

Member of the Baumeister-Haus Gruppe (Müller Bau GmbH)

March 1989: 

Foundation of Baumeister-Haus Luxembourg S.A.


Principal activities:

  • Inexpensive, standardized detached, semi-detached and terraced single-family homes
  • Freely designed houses and villas
  • Residences and apartment buildings (residential buildings)
  • Office and administration buildings

All our buildings are of a high quality standard based on our long-standing experience and are designed and constructed in accordance with Luxembourg regulations.

All our houses and apartments are provided with a notarial certificate. A completion guarantee from a Luxembourg bank is included in the fixed price.

A team of qualified architects, engineers and technicians plans, coordinates and supervises the construction projects and works together with experienced, independent craftsmen’s businesses during project creation. A short construction time and a fixed price for the planned construction projects are also part of our range of services. We have 40 years of experience in the construction industry and 30 years in the turnkey construction sector and are proud of a large number of planned and completed buildings of all kinds in Germany and Luxembourg.

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