1. Are Baumeister homes prefabricated or solidly constructed?

Our homes are traditionally designed and solidly constructed in accordance with Luxembourg regulations. Pumice masonry as specified by the structural engineer is in standard use in our buildings. A composite thermal insulation system in accordance with the specifications of the most recent Heat Insulation Ordinance (Grand Duchy Regulation of May 26, 2014) is used as external rendering. We can of course also offer alternative types of solid construction for your home.

2. Do you bill your construction projects with 3% or 16% VAT?

After signature of the notarial agreements, which are officially drawn up with 16% VAT, we submit an application to the "Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines" (Luxembourg Land Registration and Estates Department) for use of the 3% VAT rate if the builder-owner himself moves in. As this is usually approved without any complications, the construction projects are then billed direct at the lower tax rate.

3. What costs do I have to expect besides the purchase price of the house?

The purchase price of the house is a price guaranteed by Baumeister Haus S.A., the basis of which is the building description and specification for every property. Normally, when you purchase the land and house from us, you can expect the following additional costs:

Notary fees: These are between 0.6 and 1.2% of the purchase price for properties between 
€ 51,000 and € 255.000, plus 16% VAT and about € 200 for one-off administrative charges.

Land transfer tax: In Luxembourg this is generally 6% of the purchase price + 1% registration fee (”Enregistrement”). Land transfer tax and the registration fee are charged only if, when the overall taxes and charges are calculated, the tax-free allowance of € 20,000 for single persons and € 40,000 for married couples is exceeded. The not completely used allowance can be taken into account with a later property purchase. In all cases a flat charge of € 100 is made.

Municipal tax: 3% (only for commercial property in Luxembourg City)

Connection fees (taxes): Fees are charged by the municipalities and the individual utilities for the provision of house connections (sewage, water, electricity, master antenna, gas). These are generally flat charges which can be requested from the individual utilities. Normally the connection fees (taxes) total between € 2,000 and € 3,000.

4. We would like to partly change the layout and equipment and fittings to suit our needs and ideas; is this possible?

With freely designed houses we take account of your wishes and needs from the beginning and include them direct in the planning process. With already designed homes and residences (residential buildings) it is also possible to make changes to the equipment and fittings in line with your ideas. The detailed list of equipment and fittings given in our building description and specification is the basis for the calculation of the fixed price. Later, during the sampling, it is finally determined together with the construction manager performing the work which materials and objects you wish. The additional costs or lower costs arising are submitted to you in a separate offer before the work is carried out. Changes to the shell of the building must in individual cases be reviewed together with the structural engineer and in some cases also with the responsible municipality with a view to their feasibility.

5. Can we also perform part of the work ourselves with you?

Our builder-owner clients can of course also perform part of the construction work themselves at any time. It should be agreed with us early enough which work one wishes to carry out oneself. It must be ensured that the work is 1) performed professionally and 2) scheduled such that the progress of the construction work is maintained and that the following trades are not subjected to any delays.

6. What does “turnkey construction“ mean?

"Turnkey construction" with Baumeister-Haus means that you assign to us the responsibility and undertaking to finish your construction project on time and in accordance with the terms of the contract. From the beginning to the end, i.e. from the planning phase to the symbolic “handing over of the keys“, we construct your dream home as your competent contract partner. The work to be performed by ourselves therefore extends from the excavation of the construction pit to the final completion of your project. As the term "turnkey construction" is not exactly defined or standardized, the degree of completion of the construction work is defined in the detailed building description and specification before conclusion of the contract. With Baumeister-Haus it is also possible even after signing the contract to withdraw work assigned to us and to perform the work oneself or conversely to arrange for us to carry out additional work in line with your wishes.